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Welcome to  YCHS Choir 2022 !

Ypsilanti Community Choir is a group of musically inclined highschoolers. I just love to capture their smiling faces, as they sing and bring joy to others. Ms. Crystal Harding is the choir director; she is the reason this choir thrives so much. With their upbeat music, fun dances and talented voices, you will definitely have a good time!

This Gallery Includes 2022

 YCHS Choir Gigs!

Explore the choir in 2022. More to come in 2023!

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The Ark

The Ark Ann Arbor

Ypsi Glow

Ypsi Glow 

Cross Street Village

Cross Street Village

Ypsi Artisans Market

Ypsilanti Artisans Market

Ypsi Tree Lighting

Ypsilanti Tree Lighting